Helping Single Parents in Larimer County, Colorado


What makes society stronger? When we treat single parents with dignity. When we see them and meet their needs. Our promise as an organization is to cultivate the grit and determination necessary for a lifetime of achievements for single parents and their children. In other words, we help them develop their own power, SELF POWER, necessary to push through barrier in order for them to live a completely different life. We are looking for Table Hosts to help spread our mission and guests to learn more about how we bring the promise of education to single parents. Register today for our 11th Annual Community Luncheon:


Social Worker or Counselor needed to save the world one single parent at a time. We are seeking a Full Time (36 hrs) Advisor for our Loveland Office.

By Stacy Plemmons

David May recently asked Santa for “Oodles of donations to Project Self-Sufficiency to help people in our community who are working to help themselves.” Thanks, David! May I share the story of one Project Self-Sufficiency participant?

Our Mission: Our Mission is to assist low-income, single parents in their efforts to achieve economic independence and become free from community and government assistance while building and maintaining strong, healthy families.
Our Vision: Our Vision is that every low-income, single parent in Larimer County is empowered to become self-sufficient.
Our Values: Empowerment | Opportunity | Respect | Connectedness | Excellence | Accountability